Tuesday, November 29, 2011

For All The Women!!

Are you waking up in the morning dreading getting ready for the day? Do you feel like you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?! Do you purchase something, wear it twice (maybe!) and then wonder why you no longer love it or love the way it looks on you?

Well I have the solution you have all been looking for. It is called "Dressing Your Truth". Go ahead! Click on the link and check it out! Scroll through the pages in the "About" Section.

I have been Dressing my Truth for about a year and a half now, and let me tell you...it has literally changed my life in countless ways!! First of all when I learned about my type of beauty...Type 1! ...and the natural tendencies I have that are expressed as movement in my facial features, my personality, and how I move through life, I was almost reawakened to myself! I'm sure we have all said at some point or another...I need to "find myself" or "figure out who I am". Well let me help you with that! Go to the Dressing Your Truth website, click on Shop, then Books, and purchase either "It's Just My Nature" or "Discover Your Beauty Profile".
It is amazing! Also it is amazing to read through the Types and discover the Types of your family members. I will tell you that learning that my husband is a Type 4 has entirely changed and uplifted our marriage. I understand his nature and his tendencies, and I can love them and respect them instead of judging or getting frustrated by them. Knowing this about each other has truly strengthened our relationship and helped us get to know each other and work together at a deeper level.

Now on to the "Dressing" and fashion part!! The fun part!! After purchasing the Dressing Your Truth Online Course, I began the process of creating my wardrobe to be perfect for my Type 1 movement. I love ALL of my clothes now! I love to get ready in the morning! I love to put together outfits! I love how I feel in my clothes! I have maintained a healthy weight and even lost some! I am pregnant right now, and have maintained a lower and healthier weight than I did with my first, when I was not Dressing my Truth. It is amazing what having the right movement on your body can do!!

I want this for each of you! I want you to love yourself in every way possible! I am not selling this...I am just committed that the women in my life know their true nature, love it, and love how they look! Check it out and let me know what you think!! Trust me it is worth the investment!!

My Apologies!!

I'm back! I wanted you all to know that I committed to making a difference and uplifting the lives of others when I started this blog. I apologize as I completely fell out of integrity with what I was standing for. If this has had an impact on you that you would like to share with me, I would be happy to hear it. Again, I apologize, and I am recommitting to keeping this blog up as an uplifting and inspirational resource for you!

Love you all!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Exercise...Does A Body Good!

See the woman in this picture...well, this isn't someone that I know, but today I feel exactly like the woman in this picture!

At the beginning of the new year, I was doing really well with my exercise plan. I rarely missed a day. We went on a vacation, came back and it was down hill from there. Logan got RSV, and I was sick at the same time. It is amazing how 2 weeks without exercise can ruin your whole "groove". And to be honest, it has taken me til today to get back in the "groove"...about 2 months to the day. SAD!

I have been feeling "yucky" lately...eating a lot of junk food, justifying not exercising, not really caring at all, until last night. I haven't had soda for almost 2 years and I started to a little here and there after Logan was born. Not often by any means, but maybe once a week or so. Tyler came home last night and saw the remnants of my coke, and said, "I thought you were going to stop drinking pop?" Yes, every time I drank one for the past 6 months I have said..."this is the last one". Well last evening, when I reviewed what I had eaten that day, it did not look pretty...so bad that I am not even going to write it out for you. Basically, it was bad enough for me to have that "Ah ha!" moment of " I need to change! NOW!"

This morning I woke up to a beautiful sunny day. I usually am pretty slow getting up and around to things in the morning, but not today! I had a whole new resolve to change my ways. I got up, fed Logan his bottle and cereal, and headed out the door for a walk/jog...well let's be honest, more walk than jog...it's been a while! we ended up walking for about an hour and a half, and I feel great! I have been more motivated to do things, I feel more creative, I have had more ideas come to me today. I wanted to start creative projects. I wanted to go back outside and walk again.

The effect of exercise on our body, mind, and soul is truly amazing. Our body is a gift from God, and I believe that when we treat it as such, we are blessed for that. Have you been feeling stuck or not motivated lately? Don't turn to food! Get outside and exercise! It is the best therapy you will ever find!

A little exercise can make a big difference in our lives!...spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and of course, physically!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Little Chicken!

My little Logan at the
Macey's Clinton Grand Opening!

What a "Chick" Magnet!

One Kind Word

Have you ever received a verbal compliment, a letter, a note, a text, with words that were "just what you needed" right then!...They hit your heart so directly, it is as if the person was reading your mind and your heart, and knew exactly what you needed at that very moment.

I had that experience today, actually twice within the last two weeks. I had read a monthly blog and received a text message from a family member, both of which were exactly what I needed. Now on the one hand, the blog was being sent out to the masses, not necessarily directed to me. However, the text was very directed and personal to me. As I opened and read this particular text this morning, I sat and cried for about 5 minutes. It was exactly what I had been needing to hear from this particular person. I felt more love and warmth in that experience, and it was wonderful.

As I contemplated this experience, I thought...we are all in that situation. At times there is nothing we need or love more than a few words of love and kindness. There is a saying "One kind word can warm 3 months of winter". Considering the philosophical meaning, one kind word can lift our spirits and keep us warm for a long period of time. Now...in a world of negativity, struggle, and drama, wouldn't this be a great way to shift things?

I have to be honest, this is something that I have not experienced strength in myself. In the past. I typically think to myself, " I don't know what to do or what to say"...and to be even more honest, I have a difficulty with follow through. Sometimes I will feel impressed to say or do something...I will let it pass or mentally put it aside, then I will have forgotten what it was i felt impressed to say or do...I had let the "window of opportunity" close. I am not going to do that anymore.

There are so many ways we can easily do this through our sincere kindness...notes, letters, compliments, text messages, acts of service and kindness, forgiveness, being sincere and genuine in all things.

Try something this week! Send the sincere kindness to someone, anyone, even if they may not be "in need" and even if it is just in your thoughts...they will receive it. When you think about it, we all really are "in need". There is not one person on this planet that is not benefited by a kind word...so be that "just what I needed" for someone this week! You will know who it is and what to do! I promise!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tone Speaks Louder Than Words

We have all heard the phrase, "actions speak louder than words"...and I have to say that I agree with that, however over the past few weeks another phrase is ringing true, even more than the first...

"Tone speaks louder than words".

Have you ever noticed the tone of voice that you are communicating in? Have you noticed that when you are frustrated, angry, or even tired, you tend to speak in a stark, poignant, almost stabbing tone...who needs any action when you sound like that, right? And when you are happy, kind, gentle, your tone becomes soft and smooth and almost hypnotizing.

I will admit that I am a very reactive person to tone. If you come at me with a harsh or stabbing tone, I will play that game just as hard, and fight right back with the same tone, even if I wasn't in a bad mood to begin with. And on the flip side, if you speak to me softly, gently in a kind and loving manner, I will do anything you want!...well maybe not literally, but you get the idea!

Tyler and I were on a drive last night and i had this epiphany about tone. I was feeling tired, and we were having a conversation about nothing of real substance, but I continued to get frustrated...my tone was already damaged because of my fatigue, which as I was talking to Tyler, dug his frustrated tone out of him, and before I knew it, it looked like an argument...but it really wasn't...and it started from a simple thing like my tone...how I was saying it.

If I would have chosen to take charge of my emotions and my tone, the conversation could have gone much smoother and not led to so much irritation and frustration. We talked about it last night and have both made a conscious decision to watch "HOW" we are saying things. It's really simple...instead of barking commands in a frustrated, get it done now tone, I can kindly ask for Tyler to help me out with something.

Think about it...it is so simple. Creating more love, more kindness, more gentleness, more openness in any relationship can be as simple as paying attention to the tone of voice you are communicating in. A negative tone will always get you negative results...just as a kind and positive tone will always show positive results...you get what you ask for!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Be Positive

About a week ago, Tyler and I did a family home evening on the First Presidency message in the March Ensign. The talk was titled "Looking for the Good" by Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

I have mentioned before, that I believe we are creators, we have the power, by our conscious choices, to create the life experience that we want. I felt this quote from the talk had a great point, "Have you ever noticed that people can usually find whatever they are looking for? Look hard enough and you can discover both good and bad in almost anyone and anything. Those who look for the good will find it. It is also true that those who look for the bad will certainly find things that are not so ideal...it is our choice, for whatever we seek we will certainly find."

I had noticed that from day to day I had the tendency to complain or to "vent" unloading all of my negative thoughts and beliefs from the day to Tyler, causing him to do the same. We would create a really negative atmosphere, and it seemed that there was always something to complain about or criticize...things of that nature just kept showing up and multiplying. Well I had enough...and luckily this talk was on the first page of the Ensign...and it was my turn to teach.

Tyler and I have had a number of discussions in the past about "positive thinking", and he always had such a hard time with it..."that's not reality, how can you think that way, when that is not what is actually happening!" he would tell me. "That's like living in a dream"...well that's ok by me..wouldn't you rather live in a state of focusing on "what you want" rather than "what you don't want"? By choosing to be positive, more positivity will come your way, and you will actually see the drama, and the struggle fade away. Because you are not focused on it, it no longer exists.

Well I knew we both needed conscious practice of this concept...so here is what we did...I made this jar...(I must have something with jars, because they are all around my house now!) ...and on the front it says "Be Positive" and for every time that we complain or say something negative throughout our day, we have to put a quarter in the jar. At the end of the week we will take them out and say something that we are grateful for. Gratitude is one of the most Christ-like attitudes that we can have, and focusing on it will create more of it....there is always more room to be thankful! And now that I am thinking about it...maybe I will add one more part of this jar...when we put the quarter in the jar we have to turn what we said into something positive. ...hmm...that's a good idea!

So how is it working out for us?...well much to my surprise, Tyler came to me last week and said..."Hey I am really glad we are doing this Be Positive jar, I am much more aware of how much negativity I actually do speak and this is helping me to focus on the positive! Wow!! I had to agree that I felt the same! Now the jar may seem like a silly thing, but it is a tool that holds us accountable until we get used to catching ourselves and naturally holding ourselves accountable. That is such a huge part in changing from focusing on what you don't want to what you do want.

Try it...maybe it's not a Be Positive jar, but try focusing on being positive and finding a way to hold yourself accountable when the complaining, struggle and negativity comes up...you will be amazed at how your life changes right before your eyes!

It's the little things that create a great life, like gratitude and focusing on the good!